Immortalizing Mr. Burns

march masks A_22
Mr. Burns in ceramic mask form.

Since I didn’t do very well at the January comicon with my pop culture masks, I’ve been doing less interpretations of characters and more of my own original ideas.  To put it in perspective, between September 2013 to January 2014 I made around 35 of 40 masks as characters from movies/ tv shows/ comics, with 5 of those being “Nobodies” or rather people I made up in my head.  From February 2014 to March 2014 I made around 35 Nobodies to 5 pop culture characters.  They both sell in equal amounts on Etsy and at art tables, but there’s no problem with an existing license if I want to have the Nobodies in a magazine or wherever.

However, some fictional characters rattle around in my head and I really enjoy drawing them, being inspired by their personalities.  One such character is Charles Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons.  He’s every evil, republican, stuck in the past, self-centered, yet weak and impotent.  Harry Shearer’s thin, nasally voice- with a hint of snooty east coast education- couldn’t be more perfect.  Drawing Burns always starts with the long nose and enormous nostrils, followed by the perpetual glower and the magnificent Groening overbite.

I recently made a mask of Burns (for sale on Etsy) and use him whenever I need to do a drawing demo for classes.  He’s definitely a fun character to play with and think about.

2014-03-29 11.41.55
Mr. Burns as a charcoal demo.

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