Alysha Grid

Alysha Grid
Alysha Nett from 2011

I shot these photos over 2 years ago with model Alysha Nett, and I didn’t do much with them at the time. It was part of a set I shot with a designer, Jacci Jaye, and 3 other models, but the other 3 got shot in a studio in a cleaner environment, so that became the basis of the image series and these ones of Alysha around my friend’s apartment got left on a hard drive.

Cut to January 2014 and after selling a polaroid of Alysha on Etsy, I spent about 5 minutes in Lightroom and knocked out some simple versions I really liked. Then I made the photo grid presented here for my Instagram, and (as of the time of this writing) I like the grid even more than the individual images.

What makes the difference in two years? Why do photographers and other artists see something new in material that is not new and fresh? Alan Moore talks about how critical we can be of our creative selves, and it’s pretty common for creative people to despise what we create as soon as we make it. More mature eyes can look kindly at our previous work and think, “that wasn’t actually that bad.” At this moment in time I don’t owe anyone involved in the making of this photo anything, and the pressure of pleasing other people is gone.

Anyways, some of this set will be getting the bigger mixed media treatment soon!


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