Quotes About Art and Music That Stick With Me #1

These are sage nuggets of advice that, much like the crayon in Homer Simpson, have become firmly lodged in my brain.  Everything is paraphrased as to what I actually remember.

artist Ed Piskor, an artist in reference to the life cycle of a creation:

“so you’ve made the book, congratulations, that’s 60% of the work done.”

musician Phil Ochs:

“in America to start a revolution you have to be half Che Guevera and half Elvis.”

animator/ director James Tucker:

“When I got out of school, I only wanted someone to pay me to draw.  That was the first goal.”

artist Vik Muniz:

“A copy of a copy is always original.”

artist Tom Fowler:

“The problem with shaming (comic publishers) into being fair to creators is they have no shame.”

Alan Moore:

“If I had stuck in a straight job, yeah we could have had a color telly, but I thought it was better to show my children that there was no ceiling.  That there was no limit as to what they could achieve if they worked hard enough.”

One that isn’t specifically from a creator, but a scene in a film that sticks with me:

Obi-Wan: “You’ll have to sell your speeder.”
Luke: “That’s okay, I’m never coming back here again.”

I think this every time I have to sell off a piece of gear or whatever to make bill payments. Possessions are okay to sacrifice if they get you through to the greater goal.


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