Inspiration + Influence: Pete Seeger

I’ve written previously about folk hero Phil Ochs, but there’d be no Phil if there wasn’t Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.  When Pete died this week I went back and listened to several interviews on youtube, NPR and Democracy Now- he was just one of those guys whose spoken words and ideas meant as much as the music itself.  What I took away from it all was:

1.  All positive changes to the world are incremental, and an artist contributes to the changing of a world.  Too many of us throw our hands up and don’t try to contribute because it feels overwhelming or hopeless, but if you don’t make the change about you, and join a movement, the world gets better.

2. politics and art are inseparable.

3. women working with children will change the world.  We no longer have to be the best killers- those generations of men before us who hunted the best, won the wars by slaying the enemy- and women and children can teach us that fame, money and power are foolish things to spend our lives chasing.

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