Brooke + Chess Suit

Brooke + Chess Suit

An image very deliberately about graphic design, but it still has a human quality I like. The model was Brooke Eva, and she was feeling ill that day but still showed up and her modeling was superb. Another model “texted off sick” the moment I walked into the studio and I dunno, some opinions may be “don’t show up if you are sick,” but my opinion is, even if I don’t feel 100%, I still show up. There are no reschedules in freelance, and no sick days unfortunately; the snowball of studio rental/ hmua/ designers etc. is already rolling down a hill with no way of stopping it.

The “chess suit” by designer Marcel Dejure was made for an actual giant, and was really cool in it’s largeness on Brooke. Laura Buenrostro did the hair, Brittany Moody did the makeup and the facepaint was by Jamie Graden. The pattern around her was from my obsession with anime screentones. I desperately tried to find the real graphic film screentones, but I don’t think they manufacture them anymore; everything is all computer screentones these days.

Print available on Etsy.


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