Rebranding Etsy and other course corrections

I run an Etsy shop that definitely grew and kept food on the table throughout 2013.  It was called Jay Street Art Lab and had material from myself and my wife Vesna, who is a crafter (jewerly, mixed media pieces, etc.).  While I think it was a noble experiment to keep our work together under one umbrella, it became clear that it was like having bread in the fruit section of the grocery store.  I sold more and could keep up with posting and networking, meanwhile there were occasional bits of crafting inbetween prints and masks and it was a beast to look at, so we’ve split shops.  My Etsy shop is now simply David Miller Artwork, which is a nice catchall covering the ceramics/ printmaking/ graphic design stuff that I make alongside the “photoworks.”

the new Etsy banner

It’s all visual Pop Art to me but it’s astonishing how fixated the general consumer is on branding.

It seems like obvious wisdom to have all web presence and creative outlets branded the same way, and as simply as possible, but I think very creative people want to struggle against obvious wisdom.  Some struggles against convention are worthy and noble and other struggles are just shooting oneself in the foot- like:

posting every photo beyond the best ones

giving all your content away for free

no watermarks

having cluttered and disorganized sites

including work that isn’t yours in your feed (i.e. reblogged tumblr posts amongst your images)

weird emails with numbers in them

shitty free sites as main websites

not accurately presenting the personality of the creator, because with art it’s really selling personality


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

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