Fuji X-e1 Review

jpeg straight out of the camera

My new Fuji X-e1 has been put through the paces for the last 3 days and I think I’ve worked the bugs out.  It’s not really a step up from my 4 year old Nikon D700, more of a step sideways, in the same way my Fuji Instax Wide, 4×5 view camera, and lomo cameras were really fun creative tools that I wouldn’t necessarily use for more commercial work.

One thing I was really curious about was how good in-camera processing was.  The truth is as I always suspect- in-camera editing of jpgs sucks, and this isn’t exclusive to this camera, it’s any camera or phone app editing.  If image quality is of any importance, nothing works better than shooting raw format and processing in lightroom/ photoshop.

same jpeg with a little bit of enhancement in lightroom 5.3.

Specific to this camera, I haven’t quite sorted the autofocus yet.  I’m *almost* to the point of using the manual to see if it has a movable target like my D700 has.

The video it takes is beautiful.  The camera is so comfortable to carry and never feels like a burden.  The overall design and feel of it is marvelous.  The raw files are fine and work for me, as a photographer who normally adds grain and layers to my work I can see using it for a lot of travel, street, art and object photography.

I still have my full frame camera for those “professional” moments (which are fewer and further between anyways), but photographers stay fresh by shooting a lot and enjoying the process.    At this moment I really needed a camera that could get me excited to shoot again, and the X-e1 absolutely it.


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