Camera Shopping

At this time of year I indulge myself with whatever piece of gear I’ve lusted after for a long while.  Having been a Nikonian for over a decade, but unwilling to drop $3000 on the “step up” camera the D800, I decided it’s time to move on to something more modern and reasonable- a Fuji XE1.  The mirrorless cameras are ideal for the art, street and portrait shooters such as myself, and the likelihood of me shooting a sporting even or wedding or distant wildlife is quite low.    

I don’t think equipment is a huge factor in one’s creative output, but after a length of time we all fall out of love with our cameras.  They feel heavy, maybe obsolete, maybe incapable of doing some new thing that we want to try (like video).  It is very hard for me, after 4 years, to get super excited about using my D700.Image

I did go to Tempe Camera twice today, all geared up to get my new camera.  The wait was over 1/2 hour with customers (the kind who frequent retail stores because they need someone to talk to, or don’t know how to buy things via interwebs) getting free workshops from salespeople who indulged them.  In the end, I’m Amazoning it.  For all romantic notions of small businesses, it’s gotta be able to compete and satisfy customers.      


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