What’s a Week Good For?

It is important to understand the ebb and flow of both yourself and society as a whole.  There are days that are ideal for certain activities.  If you’re a working artist you probably won’t have days off, but you can pace yourself and achieve better results.  The following is what I have found works for me.


Most everything you social network will be ignored, except people catching up on favored blogs.  Spend time with your family, take a day trip, photograph stuff.


The day when everything I need to write (articles, emails, blog posts) will get written.  The best day for submissions.


Good for teaching classes, working out, posting new work to etsy/ other social networks.


Good for teaching classes, working out, posting new work, announcing availability, hustling new galleries.


Some museums are free.  Visit a museum!
I am informed by my various site statistics that my biggest traffic occurs Thursday afternoons, so I try to make sure whatever I post on those places is memorable and worthwhile.  By this time I am really tired of business and shift to just creating mixed media, painting, ceramics, recording music, just getting away from a computer.


People have money to burn.  This is the day to sell stuff on etsy, craigslist, have your eBay auctions end, do art shows.
Also the best day to complete mundane life tasks like visiting the tax office or banks, getting oil changed, etc.
This is the day I spend a few hours in the ceramics studio at Mesa Arts Center.
First Fridays occurs in Phoenix, the big art walk.  Third Fridays in Chandler is their art walk.


This is the only day people will come to your garage sale.
It’s the best day to promote music on Soundcloud, bah humbug to any other social networking.
Any family shoot I do is going to be a weekend thing, so my Saturday kids art classes are generally mid day leaving mornings and afternoons free for any bookings.

And that’s a “potential” week!  It neglects any “real” work, surprises, etc. but having a simple framework of when to achieve minor goals allows for focusing on a bigger picture.


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - http://www.primordialcreative.com Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

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