Remixes – Faith No More/ Jane’s Addiction

My brain spends its summer vacations in Remix Culture Land.  That could be remixing photos or music. and I did a hell of a lot of remixing music these last few months.  Occasionally you can get the multitrack “stems” from the band via some kind of contest, but one neat workaround is getting them from the Rock Band series of games.  I have all the Beatles Rock Band material, for example, and it’s a revelation to hear the bits you couldn’t ever make out, and to be able to do a more modern mixing on the tracks that had Ringo mixed really low and in one channel only.

Two of the tracks I did from those Rock Band multitracks are what we used to call “smart metal” or “art metal,” Faith No More’s “Epic” and “Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction.  The Faith No More song had a nice steady bpm that was easily google-able and my strategy was to mix all the guitar, bass and keyboard parts in completely different places under a jungle beat.

The strategy for “Mountain Song” was merely to drop out all the hard rock elements and leave the ambient sounds that lurked underneath.  It became almost pretty.

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