The Start of Stop Motion

My first foray into stop motion (discounting all those Lego movies I made with my kids).  I love the technique, going back to my childhood watching Ray Harryhausen films and Mr. Bill.

There are several apps that make it very easy to do a stop motion video with your phone or tablet, but the key is having a bracket on a tripod that can keep your device in a fixed location.  I made such a bracket using a versatile plastic called Instamorph.  It comes in a jar of small beads that you heat up in hot water, and can shape into whatever format you can do in 4 minutes, after which it needs to be re-boiled to keep shaping.  We inserted a $3 tripod nut and- voila- a DIY bracket.  Probably not what you’d want in a hurricane but it’s stable enough to do studio/ at home behind-the-scenes type stop motion videos.

2013-08-09 17.27.16
my instamorph iPad bracket

The final touch of the music is the easy part, since I create multiple tracks during any given week when I’m not doing other stuff.  I fully intend on having a stop motion video for most shoots, whether it’s an art piece in itself or a behind the scenes thingie, it’s a wonderful ancillary tool.


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