Inspiration: Doug Jeck

Between photography, music, ceramics and comics, I have to make choices as to how much time and energy I have for each.  The hardest part of loving various creative mistresses is that even though it’s all indulging a muse, things can get compartmentalized – should I spend so much time working on music when it won’t result in another gallery show or etsy sales?

That’s why I appreciate artists like Doug Jeck, who is primarily known for his ceramics.  I came across Doug’s work in a book called “Making Marks” by Robin Hopper, and the sample Jeck piece showed a photograph applied across a ceramic face of the photo’s subject, Jeck’s father.  The combination of photo and ceramics is something I thought about but never fully realized.  I had actually thought in the reverse- making ceramic pieces to photograph in a diorama, but I personally don’t have the patience to do diorama work.

Doug Jeck
Doug Jeck

Another of my favorite pieces involves a woman’s head atop the body of a sleeping dog, sort of a modern domestic sphinx.  It’s lovely, primitive, mythological, silly, and something everyone can relate to.  I love it.

Doug Jeck


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