MM Foto Friends

As one photographs, one learns to appreciate the like-minded photography of others. Let’s go ahead and call those people our “peers.” Photographers who shoot models and share some tastes end up shooting a lot of the same models, even if they are in different states or countries, and sometimes that is how I end up getting to know them. In other cases I literally meet them first, then find out they are so-and-so photographer. Or we meet via chat room, or other social network. Regardless I felt like doing my “hiphop album shoutout” to the peeps making interesting images with models, and recommending these extraordinarily talented guys and gals to everyone:

Travis Haight
Nina Pak
Neil Snape
Matt Anderson
Jim Fury Hesterman
Jesse Paulk
Bitty Fotos
Martin Hazine
Sideshow Sito
Alien Life


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

One thought on “MM Foto Friends”

  1. Hey David,

    A pretty august group you’ve posted and I’ll have a couple of hours pleasure perusing their work. I’d love to join them if I could. I’ve only recently started a blog on Tumblr but have been on the Mayhem for years. Take a look at my work there via…

    and on Tumblr at…

    Perhaps we’ll be getting to know one another. Have you a Mayhem page also?


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