Cross-Media Concepts #1 – Medusa

“Cross Media Concepts” is my new category of post where I show how I obsess over a concept enough hat I do it more than one art outlet- as a photo and a song or a drawing or sculpture.  I visited the Salvador Dali Museum in Paris in 2011 and was surprised that he repeated his “hit” concepts like melting clocks in several paintings, sculptures, etc.  Then I started looking at other artists and it didn’t seem so unusual- our deep interests express themselves in multiple ways it seems.

Angel My Darling as Medusa, bodypaint by Jamie Graden

One of my earliest interests was mythology, introduced to me by the film The Clash of The Titans.  The recently departed Ray Harryhausen’s model of Medusa has stayed with me as one of the most terrifying creatures on screen, who turned brave warriors to stone and shattered them with arrows.  I recently youtube’d the recent “Titans” remake’s Medusa scene and it was more like a Gap model in a video game cutscene, nothing terrifying whatsoever.


My Medusa photo was a true collaboration with model Angel My Darling, bodypainter Jamie Graden and my wife Vesna.  Angel did her hair using rubber snakes and green spray I’d picked up from Wal-Mart, Jamie designed and executed the paint, and Vesna made a snakelike toga.  We caught a hapless passerby in the hall and turned him to stone.

unfired Medusa mask sculpted June 2013

I recently made a Medusa clay mask and it’s likely I’ll work Medusa into a song or comic.  She’s a classic monster character and one of the most amazing designs in human history.


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