Stolen From Cinema

Lacheln in Dan Richters’ alien wear, adapted from various “alien babe” sci fi films, with a dash of “E.T.” I haven’t seen the latter film in 15 years but I always think about it for some reason.

It’s so tempting to borrow liberally from movies. With high production values and highly trained cinematographers, movies are chockful of amazingly inspiring moments- and it doesn’t hurt that movies are the most popular form of art around. When we steal, we should steal big!

Sierra Mckenzie with eye makeup similar to something Johnny Depp wore in the second Pirates of the Caribbean film.

I get many of my cues from films, and because the circumstances/ personalities/ players/ effects/ etc. are so different my images don’t look exactly like the original inspiration. I think the most boring cinema-influenced images are the ones that are a direct parroting of the movie.  Still- interesting visuals are interesting visuals, and it’s worth keeping a notepad alongside oneself when watching a good movie.

A couple in a Kill Bill inspired shot.

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