Locations: Pillar Box Studios in LA

Glass Olive in 2011, wardrobe by Runaway Couture, hair by Victoria Buge, makeup by Claudia Aguilera

I’ve shot in a few studios around LA but only one has the Mt. Rushmore of studio requirements:

1. a cool, helpful owner

2. a ton of sets

3. good lighting gear

4. affordable price

I’ve used Pillar Box 4 times now and I’m surprised by the versatility of the place.  The first shoot, in early 2011, made use of the various sets that leant themselves to gothic atmospheres.  I’d actually seen these sets frequently on various model images, so during visit two in Feb 2012, I actively avoided shooting those same areas, working a lot in the kitchen and with my own backdrop.  The studio owner, Sylva “Scar Hattington,” let us use her unique hat designs during the shoot and jumped in when she was intrigued by my goofy 4×5 Graphlex.

model Alexandra Mathews wearing headdress by Bubbles and Frown, the company of designer/ studio owner Sylva “Scar” Hattington. Hair by Laura Buenrostro

Visit #3 was to shoot more of Scar and make use of the growing assortment of lights at the studio.  No actual concept of any sort, but when you put two creative people in the same space and have an hour all kinds of cool stuff can happen.

The most recent shoot was May 25th, with a local designer who I met at a gallery open a few months previous.

rivi sophie marcel laura_11
Rivi Madison wearing Marcel Dejure jacket, hair by Laura Buenrostro
Rivi Sophie_01
Sophie Nova wearing Marcel Dejure jacket, hair by Laura Buenrostro

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