Sierra in Seattle

Sierra Mckenzie in a postcard pastiche shot in May 2013.

Every artist has their favorite collaborators and whenever I get a chance to shoot one, I am excited knowing I’m about to get something good, and relieved that I’m not dealing with an unknown quantity.  Though I do work with a variety of people, I think my ideas and style work best with models who:

1. have a timeless look – nothing too modern like heavy tattooing, body modifications or strange hairstyles

2. pose using muscles as opposed to “lounging”

3. have some acting ability

4. have curves and do nudes if the concept calls for it

5. can do their own hair and makeup

and perhaps most important…

6. understand what I need in a photo without me asking for it.  I’m definitely not the best at verbal communication.

Sierra Mckenzie in Seattle fits all of those criteria and I was lucky enough to shoot with her in May.  As with all Repeat Offenders, we get to do something different each time and this time we were at a tourist destination, the Seattle Center.  The location was chosen because A. it’s where I was going anyways, with son Patrick in tow, and B. Sierra had been making postcards and I enjoy old touristy postcards as images.

Model Sierra Mckenzie shot May 2013
Model Sierra Mckenzie shot May 2013

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