Social Networking for Artists Pt. 1

colored cyanotypes (7 of 9)Social networking is the most evil of necessary evils of the modern creative.  So much of it is people jumping up and down begging for attention like starved baby birds.  There is a science to this though, and when you manage your networks properly there is some payoff.  I thought I’d put together a few thoughts in hopes that my experience is useful to others.

1. Some networks are better than others – Facebook business/ fan pages are now filtered because they want people to pay for posts to be seen when previously it was a chronological list of all posts.  On the flipside, twitter and tumblr remain chronological boards where everything is seen and not censored.  Tumblr allows all kinds of content which is banned on other networks.  Google+ has a vibrant photographer community and, along with WordPress, images posted and tagged properly will show up front and center in google searches.  That’s a huge advantage over fb posts which end up lost in the mush.  I wanted to see other hand-colored cyanotypes on google and was surprised to see my own images as the top search choices, because I’d tagged them right and put them in the right place.

2. All the networks have different audiences- so it’s a bit of a handicap to focus only on one or two locations.  At the very least figure out a couple “starter” networks and feed the rest from there- this WordPress goes to twitter, tumblr and my fb fan page when it posts, and the twitter feeds into my personal fb page.

3. interact with your audience in a positive way- I cannot understand artists who take time out of their day to argue online with people who may be their fans.  That’s a turn-off in the same way as complaining about one’s personal woes or constantly promoting themselves is.   There is a model I’d be interested in hiring if she didn’t post about how great she was several times a day, and trying to hawk merchandise or fund a kickstarter or whatever.

Talk to people like people, be interested in them as they were interested in you.

More next week!


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I'm a multimedia artist in Phoenix, AZ. Main Site - Instagram @primordialcreative + twitter @dbmillerphoto

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