Cheap and Oddball

When I teach my photography classes, I spend 2 hours on basic accessories.  Lenses, tripods, reflectors, flashes etc.  Often people ask about the small doodads that you can get cheap, like adapters for the on-camera flash.  My experience is those are fairly worthless and exist to part amateurs from money.  That said, I can think of two oddball items I bought years ago that I wouldn’t want to be without. 

One is a gel camera strap. 

An eye of a frog captured with the Opteka extension tube set.

The other is a set of Opteka extension tubes.  These run around $70 on, and are an alternative to macro lenses that run around $500.  Anyone with a sense of adventure and an interest in the small would be well served by getting these.

The adorable face of a shrimp.



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