Beware the Strangler, Before and After

Briana Robertson starring in "Beware the Strangler," before and after.
Briana Robertson starring in “Beware the Strangler,” before and after.

Little ‘before and after.’  I shot a bunch of Scream Queen material with Briana Robertson but had decided I needed more than the “projected monsters” I had been using for the show material.  This was one idea we pulled from thin air- I had a vague vision of a monster hand sneaking up on an innocent girl, but couldn’t get the costume in time, and besides I hate going to the costume store thinking that will just look so awesome in a photo.  It’s not too far from “these angel wings will look great on a model”- uninspired to say the least.

We had another person’s arm and glove available, but as you can see from the “before” photo it looked pretty pathetic.  What’s she gonna do, tug her handkerchief off her head?  I enlarged both the arm and glove separately and replaced both walls with a fill-in, though it still looks like the wall.  Added some graphic design elements in the dark triangles to give it the “old movie poster” feel, and did some cleanup on the model and her wardrobe.

The last bit is not so visible on the internet as it is on the print, but there’s also some halftoning (using a conversion to bitmap mode and back again) and addition of heavy film grain in Lightroom.


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