Hive Gallery “Stitch Fetish” show

I’m typing this at the tail end of a night at LAX after participating in a LA gallery show.   Forgive me if this blog descends into incoherent claptrap.

I Was A Teenage Spiderwoman featuring Mosh, shot Sept 2012

I showed a lot in galleries after I graduated ASU but those shows never went anywhere, partly because I was so introverted I never spoke to anyone, or wasn’t able to attend openings, and perhaps partly because the work I was making wasn’t that interesting.  As I was generating offspring in 2007 and 2008 the ability to participate in shows metaphorically went from the backburner to wayyyyyy back in the attic.

Murder Was Her Middle Name featuring Mosh, shot Sept 2012

Fast forward to 2013 and I have 5 years’ worth of better work to get out to better gallery opportunities.  The first this year was work I had collaborated on with my wife Vesna, images I shot with her embroidery added.  As it was fetish related, it only made sense to use images with the super-talented fetish superstar Mosh.  Amusingly the curator of the show bought into vintage pinup vibe that Mosh exudes so much that she assumed that they were actually appropriated images from the 1950s rather than ones I had actually shot.

Son of Bride of Cockroach featuring Mosh, shot Sept 2012

When Vesna and I do these embroidered prints, I usually sketch out where I want lines to go and choose which colors go on it.  Then Vesna picks the stitch type and her interpretation of what I draw is pretty different, which usually is a cool thing.


In regards to the actual content of the images, this “Scream Queen” stuff is going to be expanded to a bigger series and will be the subject of my first solo show of note in April.  It’s a loving parody of how women are portrayed in genre films, as authentic as I can make it.


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