Color + Lacheln

The elements of visual art consist of texture, form/ shape, space, line, color, and value;  the one element I constantly hear people get excited about in modeling photography is color.   It’s certainly the thing I get most compliments on.

I am not sure why color is so important in the average citizen’s judgement of photography or art in general.    As far as photography goes, it’s the easiest thing to alter/ correct after the photo is taken– you could have a crummy image to start with but at the least you can have intriguing color.  Modern monitors and HD tvs make color scream off of them.

Color is the one element of art my children can recognize and appreciate.  When I taught high school, David LaChapelle came up again and again as students’ photographic idol.  My general impression is that, on the most basic, beginner level of photography, there is a belief that if you fuck up the colors, it’s art.

To this point, yesterday I did a shoot with Lacheln, a model/ painter who generally styles herself in extremely colorful scenarios.  The primary setup we were doing started life based on this video from Jesus Jones, my favorite band of my youth in my favorite video of all time.

One of the things I have learned lately is that certain people are perfect for certain projects, others not so much, no matter how experienced they are.  Lacheln was probably the most perfect person I have met to do a messy, paint filled shoot where she gets to treat a guy like a canvas and exist in a cartoon world.


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