“Come Wander With Me” with McKenzie Eckels

Most of the models I work with are also talented actresses and singers- McKenzie Eckels absolutely excels at these (as well as being an amazing drawer and painter).  This collaboration was made as a tribute to her favorite Twilight Zone episode, “Come Wander With Me”.  The AMAZING singing is all McKenzie.  Let us know what you think!


Janette “Lit”- new 18+ set on my Patreon

This week’s 18+ model set on my Patreon is one of my oldest collaborators, Janette.  This was our first actual nude shoot after 7 years of working together, shot when I had a studio in Tempe.  I did a lot of lighting experiments to go equally cosmic and dark and moody.

All model sets come with explainer video- access to the twice-monthly 18+ sets is at the $5 patreon level, and Janette’s set is lurking here!  Thanks again for any and all support!



Expressive Drawing For Beginners

I’m excited to launch a new drawing course, Expressive Drawing For Beginners, on my Skillshare channel!

One of the greatest struggles beginning artists have is developing a drawing style that feels natural to them. Through this expressive build-up method, we use a variety of drawing media and methods to find a common ground that could be your natural style.

As this is expressive drawing, we won’t be focused on realism or perfect proportions. This is about creating art that is stylized and personal to what your hand wants to create.

Sign up for class here!

Instax Model Shoots #7: Corie Shannon

Let me tell you about some instax work shot with model Corie Shannon during her 2017 trip to my town, Phoenix. We shoot in the studio and out n about at a local ruin called Scorpion Gulch.

Uncensored work of this and other instant film model sets on my Patreon!


“Dusk” zines 1-3 – model photography meets graphic design in troubled times


I had been wanting to do a graphic design-themed zine for a long while (having access to a fairly nice color copier at my work) and by the time Phoenix Zine Fest rolled around fall of 2017, I had enough material to make 3 issues.  Models include my daughter Maggie, Alina Lee aka Thumbelina, McKenzie Eckels, Ana Corbí, and many many more of my favorite people.
Graphic design school was my first education after high school and anything pushing design or altered photography I’m there for.  It is so much fun to take an image and push it to new levels.  


Anyone interested in actually owning a zine can order one on my shop.  Each are approximately 6×8″ with card stock cover, hand stitched binding, 20 pages of design and writing and a 16 track CD of original ambient/ trip hop music I made.


I have an explainer video of why you may want to make a zine of your own on my YouTube!  Feel free to contribute to the list of complaining comments about how the music is too loud in this particular video.

The Need For Your Creative Space

I’m sitting here in this very room- once my office when I moved into this house in 2003, then my wife’s work area when she had a home-computer job, then a guest room and the place my sister was for 8 months. In the interim I had a studio and office at the fashion building for a year (no parking, long drive, shared with other people, obligations etc.) and though I’ve tried to make my backyard workshop work as a studio/ office for the last 2 months, I have neighbors who smoke terrible smelling pot all the time and listen to shitty music in their backyard, as well as low internet connectivity.
Since reclaiming this space, we painted it white and now it’s like years have been rolled back. A window right in front of my face, shelves with toys (Legos, Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama to the left) and folk art I’ve collected from Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica and locally in the southwest on the right. Dogs at my feet. Whatever music I want whenever I want.
I was thinking about the circular nature of the creative process, how you find things that work for you, you get far away from them, you return to these things, you evolve and retreat and change and totally stay the same. I think I have a fairly prolific output of videos, shoots, zines, music, animation etc. which only increases when I can just walk into my studio and feel good any time of day or night rather than having to find some external place, drive, park, order a drink, etc.