Shots from the road: Kelly Eden #1

david miller kelly eden web size_10My first shoot in LA last month was with model/ cosplayer Kelly Eden.  Because she had a lot of videos and interviews online, as well as creating her own visual artwork, and years worth of previous photoshoots online, it was pretty easy for me to come up with ideas of what we could do.  I’ll post some of the more “conceptual” images later in October, in the meantime, here’s Kelly up close and personal!  Shot with a Fuji X-E1 and 2 Einsteins, one with softbox and one with a beauty dish.


Three Little Buzzards with Shonda Mackey

When I first work with someone local I usually head for the Salt River- it’s a pretty locale that defies the expectation that the desert is a scorching hot wasteland.  On September 7th I met with model Shonda Mackey early enough to catch these buzzards in their morning perches.  Big scary birds are quite impressive when there’s a bunch of them along a Dr. Seuss-like tree.

model Shonda Mackey with buzzards along the Salt River near Phoenix.

model Shonda Mackey with buzzards along the Salt River near Phoenix.


Influence + Inspiration: Sinead O’Connor

When I think of artists who “walk the walk” rather than merely “talk the talk”, Sinead O’Connor immediately comes to mind. When I was a teenager she was more famous for ripping up a photo of the Pope than being a singer, but the reason for it- the Catholic Church’s long history of covering up sexual abuse of children- is, in my mind, a noble and righteous reason to tear up a photo of someone who essentially enabled the crime. I’d be interested to meet the person who actually believes the Pope and his church are correct for the heinous actions against innocent children.

Every moment of Sinead “controversy” seems to be like that- people bark at her, tell her to keep her opinions to herself, call her screechy or bossy in the manner that strong women are often derided. From an objective point of view, she’s standing up against the exploitation of women and children, against hatred towards the LGBT communities and other minorities, and pro- love and artistic integrity. Nothing that really actually should be controversial, just common sense!

It’s this melding of morality and integrity with well-crafted tunes and a love of specifically cultural music (reggae and Irish folk) that get me excited when I listen to a Sinead O’Connor track. It feels like “purity”, mainlining straight to the artist’s soul.  A lot of my recent work is being edited while listening to Sinead, and hopefully some of these good vibes are making their way into the images.

Shots from the Road 3: Stormy in Vancouver

A month past my 10 shoot mania and certain photos are really sticking with me.  This was from my first day of shooting in Canada, at a studio which had a pretty rustic atmosphere and more importantly a huge fan.  The model, Stormy, brought a cape based on an offhand comment I made about how I like to shoot shiny/ sparkly things.  Got a 8×12″ print of this available on my Etsy.

Model Stormy Ent photographed in Vancouver Aup 2014

Model Stormy Ent photographed in Vancouver Aup 2014

Artificial Human

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David Miller is someone I’ve fortunately been able to see work behind the scenes. He has this vision in his head and knows exactly how to create it. Both times I’ve worked with him I couldn’t clearly see what he had in mind until he actually took the photo. A truly creative person, I have no idea how he sees the things he does. It’s magic

I always love working with Laura. She whips up some crazy hairstyles out of no where! All of the chains in the models hair are necklaces she owned or made.




Annie had flawless skin and bleached brows, so the weather-worn, greek statue look David was trying to go for came so easy! I sheered out my RCMA foundations with Embryolisse moisturizer to even out her skin tone. I used some Mac Full Coverage Foundation in White and a mascara spoolie to lighten her already…

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